S Ó N I A  R O D R I G U E S  P I N T O
writer, lover of books and aspiring traveler. 

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Hi! Welcome to SHE WRITES, a lifestyle blog created in 2016 by a journalism student who wanted nothing but to write about her passion for literature, photography and the cultural side of life, while giving shape to new, original content that promotes her own country, Portugal, and other ideas that would give life to her small yet ambitious project. 

Sónia Rodrigues Pinto is a twenty something girl who loves to write since she's 12. On 2013 she finished high school and applied for a literature degree, considering her love for books in all languages and genres. In 2016 she happily graduated and applied to a master's degree in journalism, hoping it would wake up the 12-year-old girl who had a blue notebook wherever she went. 

By creating a blog, she was hoping it would help her get used to the world of journalism after three years studying english, portuguese and spanish literature. While she soon found out journalism only interested her with a freelancer point of view, her love for blogging consumed her almost immediately, making her realize that no matter the job she would have, she would always want to be a blogger. 

What began as a small project where she could talk about books, cinema, tv shows and other personal content soon became something more. She's currently working on improving her blog, introducing new ideas in order to constantly get out of her comfort zone.

For more informations or collaborations, please contact through e-mail. 

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